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25 August 2021

Sign up and support your local community today – not only will you be in with a chance of winning weekly cash prizes up to £25,000 but also £1,000 of John Lewis vouchers if you enter before 30 October! 

Our Lottery is run by the people of Guildford for the people of Guildford. It’s a fun way to help local good causes without giving up precious time. Tickets cost just £1 per week and you can choose exactly which local group you would like your money to go to. 50% of your ticket price goes directly to the cause you choose to support with another 10% going to further support causes in our local community. 20% covers the prize fund and the remaining 20% covers administration costs.  
Unlike larger lotteries, 60% of your ticket price comes back into your community and the odds of winning a prize are much greater, at just 50:1. It really is a win-win - even if you don’t win a prize you can be content in the knowledge that you are making a real difference to where we live. 

Since its launch our Lottery has raised more than £150,000 for local charities and more than 130 local groups have signed up. To buy tickets go to www.guildfordlottery.org/support/find-a-good-cause. The draw is on Saturday 30 October and the results will be announced on the lottery website at 8pm. 

Our causes are on track to raise £38,313.60 this year

14.21% Complete

1,228 tickets of our 8,640 ticket goal

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Our causes are on track to raise £38,313.60 this year

14.21% Complete

1,228 tickets of our 8,640 ticket goal