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Sat 09 Dec 2023

About us

Sight for Surrey was established in 1922. We are a countywide charity based in Fetcham, near Leatherhead. We support 6,500 active service users regardless of age or severity of their vision or hearing condition. We aim to ensure people are not disadvantaged as a result of their disability and are supported through physical loss and emotional trauma. We assess each person individually and develop a bespoke plan to meet each person's needs. The aim of our services is to empower people to have choice and control over their lives and, if desired, to live as independently as possible.

Sight for Surrey provides services that include specialist assessment and rehabilitation, specialist one-to-one support, mobility and outreach as well as Volunteering Support; Access Technology Training; Communication Class; Eye Clinic Liaison Officer; Resource Centre; Community Outreach and Mobile Sight & Hearing Support Bus; Benefits and Entitlements Service; JobSense (aiming to address the increasingly competitive job market and a significant disability employment gap in the UK); Communicator Guides for those with combined sight/hearing loss; Support Workers; Friendship Group.

Our specialist work involves teaching strategies and techniques to enable people with significant sight loss to manage their daily tasks independently. This might be for mobility such as crossing roads, managing public transport and orientation around an area, or preparation of and cooking food, managing household tasks or personal care.

For our service users aged 0-18 the services we provide include habilitation with specialist mobility and life skills assessment and training; Children and Young People’s Inclusion programme (a range of social, leisure and careers support activities and training); Information and Support; Children’s registrations and maintaining the Certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI) register. We offer limited Family Support.

Living with hearing loss can be a challenge and impact greatly on a person’s life. We provide the following services: practical and emotional support; supported self-assessments, support plans and reviews; support to identify and apply for supported accommodation; advice and information for Deaf parents; guidance on developing networks to reduce isolation – often with support workers or volunteers; facilitating equal access or assistance in negotiating with local or voluntary organisations, services or companies.

We provide a range of Communication Professionals for Deaf, deafened, hard of hearing people and those with combined sight and hearing loss in order to meet their communication needs. Our Communication Professionals have extensive experience in the following areas: Social Services, Health, Business Meetings, Community, Legal and Employment. The services offered include: British Sign Language/English Interpreters; Interpreters for those with combined sight and hearing loss; Deaf Translators; Lipspeakers; Electronic/Manual Notetakers; Speech-to-Text Reporters; Remote Video Communicators.

Those we support are vulnerable through their disability and age. Some find it easier to adapt than others. Others feel socially isolated or have lost the confidence they once had. We work with a range of partners throughout the county to help deliver our services.

We need your help so we can continue to offer and expand our service!

Thank you for your support and good luck!


Sight for Surrey

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